Binary Board MLM script

We are here to provide the MLM system over decades of periods. We have wonderful Binary Board MLM script to make your business effectively.Binary Board MLM is a 2 X 2 MLM concept, where user can only have two members on user first level and only two levels depth. That means user one the first level can have only 2 members, and second level user can only have 4 members

In each cycle of board the user can only have 6 members Completed Matrix Cycle. After the completion of the cycle the user will be earn twice the amount they have invested at the time registration.

Board MLM

Board MLM Plan
Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus
Coin Gateway

Coin Gateway
Level Commission

Level Commission
Position Bonus

Position Bonus
Board Plan

Board Plan Completion Bonus
Board MLM script


E-Pin is very useful for MLM companies. Most of the MLM Companies want to sell their products and sign-up through e-pin. By this way, you can collect payment from members. Secured transaction, versatile transaction and reporting system.
Board MLM script

Multi-Binary Board:

Multi-Binary Board MLM is where the user will get the multiple board commission. After finishing the First board cycle user will not deactivate from the system at the first board cycle, user will get other board completion bonus from his/her downline members. Board completion bonus is managed by the admin. After the completion specified board user will get deactivated.
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Re-join to the system :

After the board completion User can re-enter into the system. Before user re-enter have to withdraw their available balance. At the time re-join user will 1.Get New profile Id. 2.Automatically insert the old profile details. 3.New placement id.
mlm software 2x2 cycle matrix

Trust Treasury

Treasury, where the donated amount will be goes in to it after the user pay Penalty. The system will return the donation amount the particular user.
mlm software 2x2 cycle matrix

E-Pin Management

User can purchase the E-pin using payment gateway.E-pin is generated by admin.
Board MLM script

Level Commission:

user must purchase package then only user can receive level commission If one user receives level2 commission, then they can’t receive level1. 1.We have got 2 level of commission based on down line users. 2.Level commission is managed in Admin side.
Referral MLM Scripts

referral bonus

Registered members can able to sponsor new joiners in this case, sponsors will get the referral bonus and signup in new joiner and they will get the signup bonus.
Board MLM script

Position Bonus

A member in a Matrix MLM Plan gets a position bonus when the downline team members recruit new members and they join the matrix. For instance, if the matrix is 2 X2, board MLM user will get the position after success completion of the board.
Board MLM script

Coin gate & Coin pay Payment gateway

We can easily transfer amount using coin gate & Coin pay payment gateway Coin gate & Coin pay will be used in package & E-Pin purchase as a payment gateway. We have integrate a both coin gate and coin pay in readymade MLM script.
Board MLM script

Board MLM 2X2 Matrix

Every user refers 2 members in our system (no referral bonus).They have 2X2 matrix involved.User will be placed based on spill over concept.Once the cycle has been completed user will re-join into the system.
mlm board plan


Through refer url you can send user profile to anyone, we know about the refer details.
Board MLM script

Responsive Design Template

Attractive and Catchy design templates are available to make your business portal look appealing and innovative. The Design templates gives an impression to your organization which is carefully selected and applied as per your requirements and brand image.
Board MLM script operate

Easy to operate

Any person with basic knowledge of computers will find it easy to operate the Board MLM Script. The features have been designed user friendly and inclusion of basic functionalities has made it functioning easier.
Board MLM script

Unlimited Members

The Board MLM Script is designed in such a way that it supports unlimited members.Unlimited members are welcome and they are managed at the back end, taking care of the profile, details and other simple instructions.
Withdrawal Board MLM script


User can withdraw amount from their wallets by sending an request to an admin.After admin approval the requested amounts will be transferred bank accounts manually.At the time of transaction some part of the amount will be deducted as admin fee.

Functionality of Binary Board MLM
Binary Board MLM is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan. Binary Board MLM is most popular for the limited number of user member in the system and high returns. This popular even the small scale industries can also be part of this MLM.

Binary Board cycle
As we have discussed early the one complete cycle in the Binary board MLM is filled the 6 member count in the each board. In the Binary Board MLM, the number of board cycle can be managed. The members in the board cycle are filled with the auto cycle (Spill over) with manual placement. Based on the completion of the board the user will get the commission this called Binary Board plan completion bonus.

Registration of Binary Board MLM
The user wants to be in part of Binary Board MLM system the user needs to register in to the system and pay for the membership amount. User need to get the sponsor Id from the upline member to get in to the system. After registration user has to refer 2 people with his/her profile Id to get Referral bonus.
Let us consider the example for the board cycle,

Step 1:  let us consider the User (A) is registering in to the system the need to register with the membership (can be managed by admin) by paying some amount (can be managed by admin)
Step 2:  After the registration user (A) will have 6 empty spaces where 2 space on the level 1 and 4 spaces on the level 2, it is 2 X 2 MLM concept.
Step 3: user (A) will get the direct commission on the referring through his/her profile Id (Referral Bonus) will be credited to the user (A).
Step 4: once after completion of the referring the 2 members (let us consider as them 1, 2) in to the system. User (A) downline member will referral other 2 member in to the system the user will completes the Board cycle.
Step 5: After completion of the board cycle the user (A) will get the Board plan completion bonus.
Step 6: User (A) will be deactivated in the system, but they can able to login and see their payout , tree view and withdraw amount in the wallet (i.e.)  User (A) will not get the Referral Bonus and Board plan completion bonus.

Types of Binary Board MLM:
Here is some of the Binary Board MLM we have developed,

  • Single MLM
  • Multi-Board
  • Manual sponsor with spillover Board

Single MLM:
Single MLM as we have discussed above in the steps, once after the board cycle is completed the user will be get deactivated. User will get Referral Bonus and Board plan completion bonus.

Multi- Board MLM is where the user will get the multiple board commission. After finishing the First board cycle user will not deactivate from the system at the first board cycle, user will get other board completion bonus from his/her downline members. Board completion bonus is managed by the admin. After the completion specified board user will get deactivated.

Manual sponsor with spillover:
The users will be placed Spillover concept (left to right). At the time of registration users should provide the sponsor Id. Based on the sponsor Id the user will be placed below upline member.

Payout Method
Referral Bonus
At the time of the referral the user should refer 2 members in to the system to get Referral Bonus. It is a 2 X 2 matrix the each and every user will get the 2 member Referral bonus.

Binary Board plan completion bonus
Binary Board plan completion bonus, user is after completing the board cycle the particular user will get the completion bonus

Rejoin to the system:
After completion of the single board cycle the user will be deactivated, If user need to rejoin in to the system, specified user need to be Pay membership (Upgrade to the membership).
At the time rejoin user will provide:

  • New profile Id
  • Automatically insert the old profile details
  • New placement id
  • New upline member
  • New binary board cycle  will be provided to the rejoined users

Binary Board MLM business will increase the marketing strategy and. We are providing the effective Binary Board MLM to raise capital income to organization.


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