29th Feb, 2024

How Single Leg MLM Plan Works

The popularity of MLM business is on the rise. It works in favor of those who are looking for means to earn passive income. 

 is a business that runs through network marketing, direct selling, and referral marketing. 

It involves selling products or services via a network of distributors. 

The more people join you, the stronger your network gets, and the more the income. 

MLM business works on a simple model. As a sales promoter, you need to get more people to join you. 

When a new person joins the business, they get added to your downline, and you earn a certain percentage of the sales generated by them. 

This is the basic idea of an MLM business. However, it has got different types of MLM Plans based on variations in the model. 

One such popular type is the Single Leg MLM plan. This article will discuss the single leg MLM plan in detail — how it works and its compensation structure.